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ANCRA 2" x 20 ft. Eye-to-Eye Polyester Lifting Sling, 2-Ply With Tapered Loops

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Eye to eye polyester, 2-ply thickness sling can be used in choker, vertical or basket hitches. Reinforced, tapered loops. Polyester webbing stretches less than nylon. Vertical hitch - 6,200 lbs. Choker hitch - 4,950 lbs. Basket hitch - 12,400 lbs.
  • 2" Wide by 20 ft. Length
  • Eye to eye sling can be used in choker, vertical or basket hitches
  • Lightweight and economical alternative to chain and wire rope
  • Constructed with 9,800 lb. polyester 2- ply thickness sling webbing
  • Reinforced, tapered loops
  • Protective wear sleeve at the bearing points
  • Polyester webbing stretches less than nylon webbing
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Will not weaken with age when properly cared for
  • Provides superior resistance to moisture
  • Easy to physically bend and being lightweight makes it easier to handle and store
  • Includes visible blue polyester marker thread
  • Industry compliant WSTDA tri-lingual sewn warning tags with permanent placard affixed to webbing
  • 6,200 lb. Vertical hitch standard capacities
  • 4,950 lb. Choker hitch standard capacities
  • 12,400 lb. Basket hitch standard capacities
  • Complies with WSTD WA-1 Type IV Wrapped Bearing Point Web Sling Standards
  • Economical, efficient sling that is industry compliant